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Company start-up to Dissolution

Whether to incorporate or not is a key business decision. With an integrated approach to tax planning we will advise you whether or not it makes sense to incorporate where we consider wages, dividends, shareholder loans, how much income the company would make, how much of the earnings will be retained or drawn out, the small business tax rate, your personal tax rates, and liability issues. Or, perhaps the time has come that you want to retire or go out of business so we can assist with that and what strategy works best for you to draw remaining funds out the company, or how and when it may be appropriate to claim business losses to the shareholders if they apply.

Internal Controls and Cash Flow Management

With our many years experience managing business we can help you with cost analysis, inventory costing and management, and credit and collection management procedures including creditor laws you should know to ensure optimal cash flows while balancing your marketing objectives. We can also assist in preparing information for your lenders and what debt strategies may work best for you.

Business Valuation

You always ask the question the question ‘what is my business worth’? We evaluate your business worth by considering a variety of different approaches such as the discounted cash flow method, market valuation, and net worth calculations to determine optimal valuation that is both realistic and what can expect to sell your business for.

Succession Planning

Perhaps the time has come to sell your business or consider who will take over your business. We can help value your business and will advise you on tax planning strategies of a variety of scenarios including potential share or asset sales.

Final Tax Returns and Trust Returns

The passing of loved one is never easy. We can take the guesswork out of it, look at will documents, beneficiaries, assets left in the estate, executors to the estate, and take care of the paperwork for you.